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Berberine IR (90 Caps)

Berberine IR (90 Caps)
NSP non-member Price: $ 48.00

Our Price: $31.95


Berberine IR Benefits:

  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Supports gut health to combat endotoxins

How Berberine IR Works:

Glucose Metabolism Support

Berberine IR naturally supports healthy blood glucose levels by up-regulating enzymes that trigger blood glucose metabolism. Utilizing a time-honored ingredient found in both Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic formulas, Berberine IR works to support blood sugar balance and glucose metabolism through a unique cellular action. Berberine, a constituent of certain plants, helps activate a key enzyme that supports blood glucose metabolism, turning your cells from "idle¯" to "on"¯ and helping them to use glucose efficiently.

Additionally, Berberine IR supports healthy gut performance to help combat endotoxins. High-carbohydrate diets change the microflora of the gut, increasing bacteria that produce endotoxins. These endotoxins are released into the bloodstream and interfere with normal glucose metabolism. Berberine specifically supports gut health by inhibiting the ability of endotoxins to bind to muscle cells, thus helping to support proper glucose metabolism function. Its unique mechanism of action makes Berberine IR an excellent option for those who wish to start or strengthen their glucose management regimen. Support your body's ability to metabolize blood glucose with Berberine IR.

Berberine IR Ingredients:

Berberine (Berberis aristata)

Recommended Berberine IR Use:

Take 1 capsule three times daily before a meal.


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