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1 x Pink Grapefruit (15 ml)
1 x Red Mandarin (15ml)
1 x Changes Women's Health Blend (15 ml)
1 x PROSPER Success Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)
1 x Bergamot (15 ml)
1 x Rosemary, Wild (15 ml)
1 x Organic Lavender (15ml)
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1 x Eucalyptus (15 ml)
1 x Geranium, Organic (15 ml)
•  Roman Chamomile (5ml)
•  Tei-fu Soothing Essential Oil Blend (15 Ml)
•  Frankincense, Organic (15 Ml)
•  Organic Lavender (15ml)
•  Lemongrass (15 Ml)
•  Sweet Marjoram (15ml)
•  Essential Shield (15 Ml)
•  Carrier Oil (8 Fl.oz.)
•  Myrrh, Wild (15 Ml)
•  Clove Bud (15 Ml)
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Weight Loss
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Products in the Essential Oils category
    Product Name   Price-   Buy Now 
 Aromatherapy Product Pack   Aromatherapy Product Pack   $143.95  Buy Now
 Benefits: This pack contains everything you need to get started making your own pampering and cleaning products for pennies! ... 
 Jasmine (5 ml)   Jasmine (5 ml)   $86.85  Buy Now
 Jasmine Benefits: Encourages a romantic atmosphere Helps ease dry, sensitive skin How Jasmine Works: Love and Peace This lovely exotic floral scent has been used to enhance romantic mood for centuries. Jasmine Ingredients: 100% pure... 
 Frankincense, Organic (15 ml)   Frankincense, Organic (15 ml)   $74.95  Buy Now
 Frankincense Benefits: Centering and comforting with mood-elevating aspects Useful in meditation and prayer Certified organic How Frankincense Works: Center and Elevate Prepared from aromatic, hardened gum resins of the boswellia tree, Frankincense... 
 Myrrh, Wild (15 ml)   Myrrh, Wild (15 ml)   $59.95  Buy Now
 Myrrh Benefits: Promotes feelings of balance and well-being Diffuse in a room during meditation or prayer How Myrrh Works: Resilient and Robust Myrrh has a warm, earthy scent and has long been associated with spirituality and strength. Myrrh... 
 Clary Sage (15 ml)   Clary Sage (15 ml)   $43.25  Buy Now
 Clary Sage Benefits: Eases stress and tension Balances and lifts mood Organically Grown How Clary Sage Works: Ease and Brighten Clary Sage is a hearty herbaceous aroma that has the ability to ease stress associated with monthly menstrual cycles and... 
 Ylang Ylang, Organic (15 ml)   Ylang Ylang, Organic (15 ml)   $41.25  Buy Now
 Ylang Ylang Benefits: Helpful with stress and anxiety Promotes feelings of happiness and gratitude Certified Organic How Ylang Ylang Works: Balance and Calm... 
 Roman Chamomile (5ml)   Roman Chamomile (5ml)   $39.95  Buy Now
 Roman Chamomile essential oil provides refreshing, calming and soothing properties and is helpful for people with sensitive skin. Benefits: Diffuse at bedtime to promote a restful state of mind Provides calming effect when applied topically ... 
 Recover Soothing Blend (15 ml)   Recover Soothing Blend (15 ml)   $38.50  Buy Now
 Recover Soothing Blend Benefits: Apply to muscles after a long workout or athletic event Dilute with Nature's Sunshine Carrier Oil in an NSP roll-on bottle or for convenient, targeted application whenever needed. Perfect for gym bags! ... 
 Sweet Marjoram (15ml)   Sweet Marjoram (15ml)   $34.95  Buy Now
 Sweet Marjoram Benefits: Apply to muscles for a warming effect Diffuse to ease nervous exhaustion Organically grown How Sweet Marjoram Works: Relax and Support Marjoram has an herbaceous and spicy aroma that has a calming effect on body and mind.... 
 Essential Shield (15 ml)   Essential Shield (15 ml)   $34.50  Buy Now
 Essential Shield Benefits: Provides soothing and penetrating properties Is useful during the changing seasons How Essential Shield Works: Essential Shield is terrific topical essential oil blend that contains pure essential oils of clove, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus,... 
 PROSPER Success Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)   PROSPER Success Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)   $34.25  Buy Now
 PROSPER Success Essential Oil Blend Benefits: Encourages feelings of abundance Promotes a sense of clarity and alertness Provides an empowering and revitalizing aroma How PROSPER... 
 RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)   RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)   $33.00  Buy Now
 RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend Benefits: Apply topically to abdomen, chest or wrists to soothe and settle Diffuse to support calming and peacefulness Great for long car trips How... 
 Bergamot (15 ml)   Bergamot (15 ml)   $32.25  Buy Now
 Benefits: Frequently used in massage therapy for calming effect Promotes healthy looking clear skin Organically Grown How Bergamot Works: Revitalize and Overcome... 
 Geranium, Organic (15 ml)   Geranium, Organic (15 ml)   $31.25  Buy Now
 Geranium Benefits: Promotes clear, healthy looking skin Soothes and balances nerves Certified Organic How Geranium Works: Strengthen and Nourish Geranium™s rich floral scent is cherished for its toning and nourishing attributes. ... 
 Changes Women's Health Blend (15 ml)   Changes Women's Health Blend (15 ml)   $29.80  Buy Now
 Changes Women's Health Blend (15 ml) Benefits: • Mix with water in a spray bottle or with Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray for a quick, cooling mist any time of day • Dilute with Carrier or Massage Oil and apply to pressure points like the temple... 
 Red Mandarin (15ml)   Red Mandarin (15ml)   $29.50  Buy Now
 Red Mandarin Benefits: Soothing effects combat agitation Aroma is effective with restless children Organically Grown How Red Mandarin Works: Serene and Tranquil Red Mandarin™s sweet, tangy, warm scent is known to invoke tranquility to body and... 
 Organic Lavender (15ml)   Organic Lavender (15ml)   $26.75  Buy Now
 Organic Lavender Benefits: Is widely used for calm and relaxation Promotes sleep when diffused in a room Helps moisturize skin Certified Organic How Organic Lavender Works: Restful and Radiant Regarded for its relaxing and peaceful... 
 Breathe Deep (15 ml)   Breathe Deep (15 ml)   $23.25  Buy Now
 Benefits: How Breathe Deep Works: Take a deep breath and exhale. This blend combines fruity notes of citrus with cooling mint, invigorating wood tones and bracing Eucalyptus and Tea tree that will have you breathing deep and clear in no time. Features: Lemon,... 
 Inspire Uplifting Blend (15 ml)   Inspire Uplifting Blend (15 ml)   $22.95  Buy Now
 Inspire Uplifting Blend Benefits: Diffuse in the morning whenever a sense of ˜get-up-and-go!™ is needed Carry in purse, briefcase or backpack to help find motivation during a long work day or study session How Inspire Uplifting Blend Works: Uplifting Blend Juicy... 
 Rosemary, Wild (15 ml)   Rosemary, Wild (15 ml)   $22.95  Buy Now
 Rosemary, Wild Benefits: Stimulates memory Helps combat emotional fatigue Useful in hair and scalp treatments How Rosemary, Wild Works: Clear and Refreshing With a unique herbal, cooling scent Rosemary has long been revered by healers for... 
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