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Weight Loss
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Damiana [Glandular] is an aromatic shrub that grows abundantly in dry, rocky soils. It is believed to have mildly stimulating qualities due to its volatile oil content. Damiana supports glandular health and is specifically sought to support sexual health. The Aztecs used it as an aphrodisiac. Damiana also contains alkaloids, flavonoids, cyanogenic...
Price: $21.70
Dandelion [Urinary, Digestive] is a member of the sunflower family. Its name is a corruption of the French dents de lion, meaning “teeth of the lion.” Herbalists consider this plant one of the most nutrient-rich in the plant kingdom. The whole plant is edible—the flowers, the leaves and the roots. Dandelion supports digestion and...
Price: $16.45
Defense Maintenance [Immune] is a key product that provides nutrients that support the immune system. The formulation contains many antioxidants, beneficial cruciferous vegetable powders and extra vitamins and minerals that support immune functions. Each capsule contains: % DVVitamin A 5,000 IU 100Vitamin C 120 mg 200Vitamin E 60 IU...
Price: $31.45
Detox Basics (30 day)
Detox Basics (30 day) 
Detox Basics Benefits: Supports gut health and microbiome balance* Supports liver health and detoxification* Provides daily support for the natural elimination processes of the liver, kidneys and bowel* Provides powerful antioxidants to help fight free radicals* ...
Price: $63.70
DHA (60)
DHA (60) 
DHA [Circulatory, Nervous]. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a fatty acid that is absorbed into the fatty perimeter of cells. There it exerts its biochemical properties. Thirty percent of gray matter in the brain is composed of DHA. It is also highly concentrated in the retinal neural tissues. DHA is required for brain development and important in...
Price: $26.95
DHEA-F (Women) (100 caps)
DHEA-F (Women) (100 caps) 
Our DHEA-F formula (for women) supports energy, sleep, joint function, metabolism, mental function and more. Its unique herbal base nourishes the female glandular system. Benefits: Improves energy and overall health. Helps the body in its efforts to cope with stress. ...
Price: $36.70
DHEA-M (Men) (100 caps)
DHEA-M (Men) (100 caps) 
Our DHEA-M formula (for men) supports energy, sleep, joint function, metabolism, mental function and more. Its unique herbal base nourishes the male glandular system. Benefits: Improves energy and overall health. Helps the body in its...
Price: $34.45
Dieter's Cleanse
Dieter's Cleanse 
Dieter's Cleanse [Weight Loss]. Proper cleansing of the digestive tract allows for better elimination of waste and improved absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. Dieter's Cleanse is a safe, simple, convenient cleansing program. Product elements provide dietary fiber, support the production of digestive enzymes and bile, nourish the liver...
Price: $45.70
Digestive Bitters Tonic [Digestive, Intestinal] enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the body, improves the absorption of nutrients, and stimulates and cleanses the liver and gallbladder. It helps promote vigor and vitality and is useful for convalescence and general stress. Includes stevia and glycerin for a pleasant taste. This liquid...
Price: $30.75
Digestive System Pack (30 day)
Digestive System Pack (30 day) 
Benefits: Supports healthy digestion by breaking down all types of food. May promote immune system health. ...
Price: $68.50
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