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Weight Loss
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Recover Soothing Blend (15 ml)
Recover Soothing Blend (15 ml) 
Recover Soothing Blend Benefits: Apply to muscles after a long workout or athletic event Dilute with Nature's Sunshine Carrier Oil in an NSP roll-on bottle or for convenient, targeted application whenever needed. Perfect for gym bags! ...
Price: $50.95
Red Beet Root Formula (formerly Fasting Plus) [Vital Nutrition] is designed to replenish nutrients the body might need while fasting or during periods of weakness. The glands may require additional nutrients as the body uses energy stores. This combination contains: Licorice root Red beet root Fennel seeds Hawthorn berries Take 2 capsules five...
Price: $23.95
Red Mandarin (15ml)
Red Mandarin (15ml) 
Red Mandarin Benefits: Soothing effects combat agitation Aroma is effective with restless children Organically Grown How Red Mandarin Works: Serene and Tranquil Red Mandarin™s sweet, tangy, warm scent is known to invoke tranquility to body and...
Price: $26.20
Red Raspberry [Glandular]. The leaves of this popular fruit plant are widely used in herbology for their vitamin C and high tannin content. Red Raspberry possesses astringent qualities, and the leaves have been used by women for centuries as a support to the reproductive system, especially during pregnancy. This herb helps the body control morning...
Price: $18.70
Red Yeast Rice [Circulatory] supports the body’s ability to maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range, and it offers nutritional support to the circulatory system. Each capsule contains 600 mg of Red Yeast Rice (Monoascus purpureus). When taken as recommended, NSP Red Yeast Rice will deliver desired benefits similar to those...
Price: $24.70
Release It (Vented Grief Formula) (2 fl oz)
Release It (Vented Grief Formula) (2 fl oz) 
Benefits: May assist the body with the grieving process. May help in letting go of the past. ...
Price: $30.70
Relief Formula (60 caps)
Relief Formula (60 caps) 
Benefits: For temporary relief of minor aches and pains following exercise. Is well tolerated and absorbed by the body. ...
Price: $28.05
RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)
RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend (15 ml) 
RELIEF Settling Essential Oil Blend Benefits: Apply topically to abdomen, chest or wrists to soothe and settle Diffuse to support calming and peacefulness Great for long car trips How...
Price: $38.95
Respiratory System Pack (30 day)
Respiratory System Pack (30 day) 
Benefits: Supports the lungs and sinuses. Strengthens the bronchial system. ...
Price: $94.45
Roman Chamomile (5ml)
Roman Chamomile (5ml) 
Roman Chamomile essential oil provides refreshing, calming and soothing properties and is helpful for people with sensitive skin. Benefits: Diffuse at bedtime to promote a restful state of mind Provides calming effect when applied topically ...
Price: $48.70
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