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Weight Loss
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Products in the Vital Nutrition category
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 FOLIC ACID PLUS (90)   FOLIC ACID PLUS (90)   $11.95  Buy Now
 Folic Acid Plus [Vital Nutrition] is essential for human health, especially for the developing fetus. Deficiencies in folic acid have been linked to neural tube defects that affect the brain and spinal cord. It is important for all women of childbearing age to get sufficient amounts of folic acid. Its potential to reduce the risk of neural tube... 
 Magnesium Complex [Vital Nutrition, Structural]. Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is present in more than 300 enzymatic systems where it is crucial for energy production and other metabolic functions. The heart, brain and kidneys cannot function without adequate levels of this nutrient. Seventy percent of the body’s magnesium is found in... 
 A&D, VITAMIN 10,000/400IU   A&D, VITAMIN 10,000/400IU   $13.50  Buy Now
 Vitamin A & D™ [Vital Nutrition]. Vitamin A was the first vitamin to be discovered. It has been shown to be essential in maintaining good vision and promoting normal growth. It occurs in animal tissues as retinol but in plants as carotene—a precursor of vitamin A. It is necessary for the health of epithelial cells and the immune system.... 
 ROSE HIPS   ROSE HIPS   $13.95  Buy Now
 Rose Hips [Vital Nutrition] come from the rose plant—they are what remains after the petals fall off. They are a highly recognized source of vitamin C, and they also contain vitamins E and K, and riboflavin and folate (important B-vitamins). Each capsule contains 560 mg rose hips. Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.Stock No. 580-1... 
 B6, VITAMIN 50MG (120)   B6, VITAMIN 50MG (120)   $14.25  Buy Now
 Vitamin B6 [Vital Nutrition] is a cofactor that helps activate over 100 different enzymes involved in hundreds of biochemical tasks in the body. It is used to metabolize amino acids (protein management) as well as lipids (fats) and nucleic acids. As protein intake increases, so does the need for B6. This vitamin may help lower homocysteine levels.... 
 Multiple Vitamins and Minerals, SynerPro [Vital Nutrition] contains 100 percent of the Daily Value for 16 essential vitamins and minerals in the SynerPro concentrate base. This important combination also contains varying amounts of seven other vitamins and minerals. Two tablets provide the following nutrients: % DVVitamin A (as beta-carotene)... 
 ALFALFA   ALFALFA   $15.40  Buy Now
 Alfalfa [Vital Nutrition]. Arabs called it the “father of herbs.” Alfalfa’s roots grow 20 feet deep or more, providing the plant with a rich source of nutrients not always found at the ground’s surface. Each capsule contains 340 mg alfalfa. Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily. 
 Benefits: Provides nutrients that support the structural system and aids in the maintenance of teeth, bones, tendons and skin. Supports the maintenance of a balanced pH. May offer benefits to the circulatory system.  Calcium-Magnesium, SynerPro [Vital Nutrition] combination recognizes that each of these minerals depends on... 
 Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids [Vital Nutrition] are nutritional compounds found together in nature. Bioflavonoids help protect the body from free radical damage. They are combined in a unique base containing 50 mg each of lemon bioflavonoids, orange bioflavonoids, grapefruit bioflavonoids, hesperidin complex, rutin and rose hips extract. One... 
 Vitamin C Citrus Bioflav.(500 mg) (90 tabs)   Vitamin C Citrus Bioflav.(500 mg) (90 tabs)   $17.45  Buy Now
 Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids Benefits: Supports the immune system. Protects against free radical damage. Aids in collagen production. Provides 500 mg vitamin C per tablet. How Vitamin C Citrus Bioflavonoids Works: Vitamin C performs... 
 C, VITAMIN 1000MG TIME RELEASE (60)   C, VITAMIN 1000MG TIME RELEASE (60)   $17.60  Buy Now
 Vitamin C, Time-Release [Vital Nutrition] allows more efficient use of this vitamin by slowly releasing it into the body. Each tablet is designed with a special coating to release its contents only after reaching the intestine. This specially formulated product mixes 1,000 mg vitamin C in a base of rose hips extract, acerola extract, rutin, lemon... 
 Vitamin B-Complex, Balanced [Vital Nutrition] is suitable for vegetarians both because of its high level of B12 and because no animal byproducts are used. Since the same amount of each B vitamin is not necessarily needed by the body, this formula is balanced to assist B12 absorption. Tablets are coated to preserve freshness. They contain no sugar,... 
 Vitamin C (250 mg) (90 chewable tabs)   Vitamin C (250 mg) (90 chewable tabs)   $17.85  Buy Now
 Benefits: Supports the immune system. Protects against free radical damage. Aids in collagen production. Provides 250 mg vitamin C per tablet. ... 
 B-COMPLEX CAPSULES (100)   B-COMPLEX CAPSULES (100)   $18.45  Buy Now
 Vitamin B-Complex, High Potency [Vital Nutrition]. Many different vitamin B compounds are grouped under the name B-complex. These vitamins are easily lost in refining and cooking; they can also be washed from the body by coffee, tea, alcohol and heavy perspiration. Physically stressful conditions can also deplete the body of B vitamins. B-vitamins... 
 Zinc Lozenge (60 tablets)   Zinc Lozenge (60 tablets)   $19.40  Buy Now
 Benefits: Supports immune function. Is a convenient fast-melt throat lozenge. Contains natural fruit flavors. How It Works: ... 
 L-CARNITINE (30)   L-CARNITINE (30)   $20.45  Buy Now
 l-Carnitine [Vital Nutrition] is an amino acid from which certain proteins are made. It is synthesized in the liver and kidneys. The body requires l-carnitine for the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the cells. According to the National Research Council, symptoms of carnitine deficiency include progressive muscle weakness and severe... 
 Benefits:• Is gluten-free.• Enhances bodily functions, especially elimination.• Improves overall immunity.• Helps the body normalize cholesterol levels.• Provides a meal that is easily absorbed and metabolized into energy.• Contains a full array of nutrients the body needs from grains.• Is... 
 Coral Calcium [Vital Nutrition] is designed especially for those who battle to keep their acidity levels within a normal range. Because Coral Calcium has a natural pH range of 10-11, it has a natural alkalizing effect on the body, which can be of great support to those who need to offset acidity levels. Plus, it provides essential calcium to help... 
 Super Supplemental Vit. & Min. (120 tabs) Improved   Super Supplemental Vit. & Min. (120 tabs) Improved   $21.65  Buy Now
 Benefits: Provides 100% or more of the Daily Value for 11 essential vitamins. Offers significant amounts of 10 important minerals. ... 
 Super Supplemental Vit. & Min. w/o Iron (120 tabs) Improved   Super Supplemental Vit. & Min. w/o Iron (120 tabs) Improved   $21.85  Buy Now
 Benefits: Provides 100% or more of the Daily Value for 11 essential vitamins. Offers significant amounts of 10 important minerals. ... 
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